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Presto Printer, Delivering E-mail to Geezers Everywhere

Illustration for article titled Presto Printer, Delivering E-mail to Geezers Everywhere

E-mailing our Luddite family members has never been as easy as it should be, especially when grandma still insists the Internet is a series of tubes. Enter the HP Presto. This sucker instantly prints incoming e-mails so grandma-ma can focus on drinking her prune juice instead of having to remember her screenname and password. The printer debuts next month for $150 bucks (service is $10/month or $100/year). Kinda pricey if you ask us. Sorry, grandma. We don't love you that much.


HP Presto [via Uncrate]

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I've found that if you're not using an ISP's domain, you tend to get less/no spam. I've owned my own domain, with none of the addresses published on the internet where a spambot could collect it, for over two years, and none of the four accounts I have set up have ever received any spam.