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Priest Infects Church Network By Surfing the Web for Porn (NSFW)

Illustration for article titled Priest Infects Church Network By Surfing the Web for Porn (NSFW)

A priest has resigned from his parish after being caught viewing web porn in his computer at work. While I'm sure God doesn't give a damn about porn-no matter how close it is to heaven-or the weaknesses of this priest, the church's IT staff and the archbishop weren't so amused when they discovered that his porn surfing antics had infected all the computers in the parish network. The parish padre, from the town of Strängnas, Sweden-my favorite country in the world-admitted his actions, saying that it was true he spent "a lot of time at work viewing pornographic websites" and he wished his lust would have remained between himself and God instead of infecting the computers with this "lethal computer virus". Well, Mr. Svenssonjohanssoncommandersson, seriously, don't flagellate yourself over a computer virus. This kind of things happens to the best, although archbishop Anders Wejryd is not so understanding as we are:

Priests are people too, but I have no understanding at all for someone sitting and surfing for porn on the parish computers.


Well, archbishop, better watching porn than touching little kids like some of your colleagues elsewhere in the world, that's for sure. Apparently, however, some definitive action was needed with the Strängnas priest after another pastor in my beloved Göteborg "came under scrutiny for moistening post-it notes with his penis and sticking them up in an office." Inexplicably, this one was allowed to keep his job. And yes, we need video of that. [The Register]

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