Primeval Heads Back To The Future In New Season

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Primeval may have made it back from the dead thanks to international funding, but that doesn't mean that it's the same show it used to be. The new season will be going in a different direction... in time.

Talking to Sci-Fi Wire, series creator Adrian Hodges explained what we could expect from the show's future in more ways than one:

There will be an aspect of the future in [the fourth season], which is new for us... [I]f you think of the future predators from other series, we're going to have a kind of variation on that idea. There may also be some human intervention from the future as well.


Why does this sound like Primeval is going to go all Terminator on us? If we're not going to see cyborg dinosaurs, we're not sure we're on board, Mr. Hodges.

Primeval starts shooting again in March.

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