Printers, I think we can agree with some relief, are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Still, plenty of people have the hulking old things plugged in somewhere in their homes, and Mattel's gonna put 'em to use. For printing real (fake) hair extensions for you and your Barbie.


And to think that I was impressed when I printed CD labels at home. Barbie Hairtastic Printables will allow girls to design hair extensions with patterns, stamps, or images they upload and then print them onto actual official Barbie hair with their regular old printer. That's pretty crazy. The set, available this fall for $30, comes with a Barbie doll and two types of extensions, some of suitable length for a Barbie head, some for a human head. Printable tattoo biker chick Barbie presumably not too far off at this point. [Mattel]

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