Priority Call Filter for Android: Only Answer Calls from the People You Care About

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Saturday morning. I'm sleeping. My phone rings. What the heck? What time is it? WHO THE HELL IS CALLING ME. I ignore the call and try to go back to sleep. I can't. Damn the guy who called me. This happens to me. It happens to you. With Priority Call Filter for Android, it'll never happen again.

What's it do?

Priority Call Filter lets you only be bothered by the people you like. You can select exactly who you want to be available for (with certain time, day, mode restrictions) and if a person who isn't on that list tries to contact you, their calls and text are silenced. If the caller is so lucky to be on your list, the phone will ring like normal. It filters your phone calls and directs them as you set it.


Why do we like it?

It's beautiful. I'll never have to be rudely awakened to the blaring ringtone of my phone again. I'll never have to silence my phone all the time. Hell, I can never talk to people again! And there's a lot of customizability in the app. Like the ability to add different modes (vacation, sleeping, work) which could kick out some people (when I'm sleeping, I only want three people to contact me!) or add people (like during the work week) given the parameters. It also doesn't send the ignored phone calls straight to voicemail—only silences them—giving you the option to still choose whether you want to pick up or not.


Priority Call Filter

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The Best

Never be bothered again

The Worst

Settings are a bore to set up