It’s tough for a new app out there trying to poke its head above the flood waters of Pokémon Go. But Prisma is one that certainly deserves your attention. At the basic level, it’s a photo filter app. But such a simple description would be doing this software a disservice. Offering more than just various hues of Sepia, Prisma uses neural networks and AI to turn your photos into artwork.

Turn a selfie into a Mondrain, a landscape into a Hokusai woodblock print, a dick pic into an impressionist masterpiece (for whatever reason). With just one photo, I was create wildly different outcomes with filters like Mononoke, Heisenberg, and Udnie.


Mononoke, Heisenberg, and Udnie.

Each filter takes a few seconds to analyze the image and apply its effect. You can then share to Instagram, Facebook, or any other service on your iPhone. Once you’re in Instagram, you can tweak your one-second masterpiece even further. That’s all there is to it. The Prisma team mercifully elects to keep things simple.

As of right now, the app uses old Instagram rules, forcing photos into square crops. The only other piece of bad news is the app is only available for iOS. However, The Next Web reports that the app team will launch an Android version later this month and will be offering video support in the near future.


I can’t wait for those inappropriate Pokémon Go selfies in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.

That one is for free.

[iOS - Free]