Prove You're Not a Replicant With This Rad Blade Runner Unicorn

“It’s too bad she won’t live! But then again, who does?” This ornament, that’s what.
“It’s too bad she won’t live! But then again, who does?” This ornament, that’s what.
Photo: Matt Ferguson

When you think about Blade Runner, you think about the unicorn. Even though the film is filled with famous iconography—from spinners and skylines to Harrison Ford himself—somehow it’s that origami unicorn that stands out as the most important. Maybe it’s because while those other things set the mood, the unicorn, as a tease of Deckard’s true identity, changes the story.


It’s no surprise then that it became such a big part of artist Matt Ferguson’s not just work, but life. “The unicorn is long obsession of mine,” the artist told io9 via email. “I use it as my avatar/logo online and also I hide it in nearly all of my prints.”

“The obsession actually started early on in my career,” he continues. “Obviously there’s the Blade Runner connection, but the main reason is my brother-in-law’s girlfriend made me an origami version of the unicorn as a gift and it sat on our mantle for years.”

Now, Ferguson—who is well known for his work with Lucasfilm, Marvel, Bottleneck Gallery and others—is doing for fans what his brother-in-law’s girlfriend did for him. He’s made a limited edition, die-cast ornament of the iconic unicorn that’ll be available at Thought Bubble Online this Saturday. io9 has your exclusive first look.

Only 500 ornaments will be made and they cost £50, which is about $65. Each comes in a protective case which has a numbered, metal certificate of authenticity. “I always thought an ornament based on what [my brother-in-law’s girlfriend] made would look great, and with the connection to my work and me hiding it in my posters, it just made sense,” he said.

Which is more than we can say for the unicorn in the film—but also, that’s what makes it so memorable.


The ornament will go on sale at Thought Bubble Online and in Ferguson’s online store at noon EST Saturday, November 14.


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