PS3 Game Developer Claims to have Crossed Uncanny Valley

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We're fascinated with the battle against uncanny valley—that point in graphics or robotics where the human likeness isn't quite reached, which in turn repulses the viewer. And while we've seen graphics card makers and robot designers tackling the problem before, for the first time a video game developer claims to have bridged the gap. Quantic Dream is a maker of highly cinematic games and houses one of the most advanced motion capture studios in the world. Here's what they've gone on record to say:

But today, I can officially announce that there is no uncanny valley any more, not in real-time.


The last we've seen of Quantic Dream's upcoming PS3 game Heavy Rain was back at E3 06. Their non-interactive tech demo (screenshot above) was amazing for its time, and the word I received through the grapevine was that they had just weeks to get it done. But this is a BIG claim. [gamesindustry via kotaku]

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Mark Wilson

@EMoShunz: Yeah, the dev actually references the E3 demo and how it fell short in that linked interview.