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We may earn a commission from links on this page

PS3 Motion Controller May Be the Best Game Motion Capture Yet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After Xbox 360's Project Natal, Sony is also adding their own motion controller to the PS3, aptly named The PlayStation Motion Controller. It's the best motion control demo that we have ever seen, but it may be arriving a little too late.

The sampling of the motion is 1 to 1, extremely accurate and smooth, very tight, and moving at 60 frames per second.


Like the Wiimote, the new controller is a stick. However, instead of using gyroscopes and electronics, the PlayStation Motion Control is much simpler and elegant—and apparently way more effective than Wii Motion Plus. It uses a technique similar to Hollywood-style motion capture, with the PS Eye camera tracking a purple ball on the stick. There can be two sticks, which also have a trigger for first person shooters. The actual effect on screen is amazing, and it seems to kill the Wii Plus. The only bad news: The PlayStation Motion Controller will be launched in Spring 2010. It may just be too late.

Click to viewThe only question is: Would it be able to compete with the stick-less Project Natal?