PS3 Sales Surge 135% Since Price Drop, Sony Seen Laughing on Way to Bank

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Crediting a strategic price cut and a strong E3 showing, Sony is gloating over its latest figures: PS3 sales are up 135% since the July 9th announcement of the $499 price tag. With Xbox 360 sales dropping, new firmware updates enhancing the basic functionality of the system, Blu-ray pushing hard against HD-DVD and a growing lineup of original titles including the exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4, the PS3 seems determined to become a serious console competitor before the year is over.


On the heels of a strong showing at E3, today Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced retail growth for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) in July. Based on preliminary internal data, PS3 sales have increased by more than 135% at the company's top five retailers since the new $499 price was announced two weeks ago on July 9th. During this same two-week period, total PlayStation hardware sales have increased by 161%, software by 15% and peripherals by60%.

Also, according to NPD sales data released today for the month of June, PlayStation sales increased prior to E3, as well. Overall, the PlayStation brand continued to exhibit solid growth evidenced by a 21% increase in total retail dollars generated year-over-year in North America with total sales of $393 million. PS3 sales were up 21% over May's figures, with 98,469 units sold at retail. Furthermore, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) witnessed an impressive increase, up 31% year-over-year, selling 290,108 units at retail, while PlayStation® 2 (PS2) once again remained one of the best-selling consoles on the market, with unit sales of 270,763 for the month.

"The new price on the 60 GB PS3, coupled with our very strong software showing from E3, is certainly paying dividends in terms of impressive sales across the board at retail," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. "This jump in sales bodes very well for us heading into the fall as we launch an impressive arsenal of hardware and software, leading off with the new 80 GB PS3 in August along with the unveiling of highly anticipated games such as Lair and Warhawk. That will be followed by Heavenly Sword in September and six more exclusive first-party PS3 games in October, including Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction."



A 135% increase means sales have multiplied by 2.35x. (Remember, a 100% "increase" means the amount has doubled.)

That's a lot more than just a 35% increase (which would be 1.35x). I don't blame them for being excited.

However, there is still no killer app for PS3. I'm struggling with the idea of buying one now so I can get the 60GB model which still has hardware-based PS2 compatibility, or waiting to be sure there is a game worth the investment (though by then the 60GB model may be gone, and stuck with the 80GB's sucky software emulation for PS2 games).