PS3 Shanty Town Map: It's Its Own Sovereign Nation

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I'd expected to be at SF's Metreon for the PS3 launch as less a gadget journo, and more an anthropologist/ Zookeeper. Instead, I've become an explorer, and cartographer.

I've named the four sections of the PS3 Launch party lines as they've formed up like some sort of mini Burning Man. They're a rightful sovereign nation, even if no one recognizes them except Sony's flacks, Mel's Diner who is donating shakes and cheeseburgers, and a lone blogger too bored with standard news reporting to give you just the facts. Here are the four lines of people who are getting PS3s. Anyone else, isn't getting a console tonight.


Minna Kitchen, population ~300: The Green Section named after the alley its on (Minna) and Hell's Kitchen, in NY. The dark road is behind the Metreon Garage, and actually, blogger Paul Boutin was mugged only a few blogs away from here. Here's the shanty in this shantytown. People playing lots of DS Lite, PSP, and cards, underneath cheap tarps, behind crowd control barricades as if they were animals. The last guy in line is the last guy guaranteed a PS3. He'll probably get the 20Gb piece of shit. Likely, most of the slackers in this line will get those.

Click on for the other 4 settlements.

Jillian's Camp, population ~100: Named after the bar/restaurant this is behind, this little square area is filled with tents, and decent lighting. Think of it as the suburbs of this temporary little settlement.

Style Row, population 200: Here are the working middle class geeks. They're in front of the Sony Style store, pretty densely packed. Some game journos here, and other people die hard enough to be in line, but not as hardcore as the people in the front section.

VIP Place,Population 50: These are the guys who've been in line since Wednesday morning/afternoon. They'll likely all get premium 60GB PS3s.


The event is starting. BRB with more posts.

PS3 [Gizmodo]


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