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PSA: Please Turn Your Damn Cellphone Sideways When Recording Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With more and more cellphone videos showing up online, such as the following one showing what happens if you drive up a steep hill that's covered in ice, I think it's time for a PSA in video. Turn. Your. Phone. Sideways.

Here are two videos I shot to demonstrate. First, the tall video. See how much of the screen is wasted on black bars? See what you subject the world to when you don't bother to flip your phone a mere ninety degrees to either side? What would it be like if every time someone gave you a dollar to spend, you spent 33 cents and threw the other 67 cents in the trash? This is like that.

In contrast, here's the widescreen, horizontal video. See how much better it is when every pixel is doing things?

So in conclusion, turn your damn phone sideways! And if you have a friend who insists on shooting videos of anything in vertical mode, show them this post. Then slap their hands until their phone turns over.


Oh, and here's a convenient guide that you can print out and keep in your wallet to help you remember.


[Video via Twitter]