PSP Getting Dual Shock 3 Support Through 'PSP Plus'

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We've seen the patents and the rumors that the Sony PlayStation Portable would begin accepting the Dual Shock 3 controller. Heck, we've even seen those too impatient to wait who've modded the experience on their own. But finally, Sony has announced a new feature called PSP Plus that will allow you to play PSP (2000 or 3000 models) with your Dual Shock 3 (or SIXAXIS?) controller. But there are a few catches...First, the good news. PSP Plus will support controller vibration and add the use of the second analog stick. Yay! Then the bad news. It's still unclear just how all of the hookups occur, but it will require you have a PS3. The first supported game, Resistance Retribution, will need the PSP Plus option to be activated through Resistance 2 (which is a PS3 game). This syncing sounds more invasive than a simple A/V out cord to your TV, which may or may not also be a required component of the hookup. In other words, that dream of a Dual Shock that snaps onto the PSP is not happening. And by requiring a PS3/TV, Sony may have defeated the whole purpose of the PSP. But we'll let you know if/when we get a clearer picture of how the peripheral support works. [Kotaku]


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if it is anything like MGS portable ops+ it will suck