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A Sony patent has just been unearthed for a device that combines the PSP with a Dual Shock PS2 controller, allowing for better, more comfortable control when playing the PSP. The connection could be wired or wireless, the PSP could be tilted for viewing angle and an external processing unit could even add additional functionality. Obviously the idea is no longer coming to fruition since Sony has moved on in the product line, but the same thing could be done with a PSP Slim and SIXAXIS. Hit the jump for the abstract.

A control docking unit configured to accept a portable processing unit and provide alternate control operation of the portable processing unit. The control docking unit can be configured to position a display on the portable processing unit to facilitate use of one or more controls provided on the control docking unit. The control docking unit can position the display of the portable processing unit in a fixed or variable position. The controls from the docking unit can be coupled to the portable processing unit using an electrical, mechanical, or electromechanical interface. The electrical interface can be a wired or wireless communication link. The controls on the control docking unit can be configured to be substantially in the same configuration as a control unit for a similar fixed device. The portable processing unit can be configured to provide additional functions, features, or enhanced operation when coupled to the control docking unit.


If they released such an add-on, Sony could have a separate PSP SKU with a screen that fills the entire face, removing all controls. And that, my friends, would be wicked. [patent via kotaku]




Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Sony can patent it even if someone else has demonstrated it. Patents are like copyrights, in the sense that if someone patents and idea before you do, it doesn't matter who came up with the idea first (which is what happened to Berkeley Breathed when someone else copyrighted some of his Bloom County characters which he had not).

Licensing rights would also make a modder's version invalid for patent. As long as Sony controls any licensing regarding the PSP, they can pretty much patent whatever they want. Unless, of course, a modder has the cash to pay Sony for a license, as any other game or accessory producer must, then he can patent his mod (provided he keeps enough details away from Sony that they still don't bring out and patent their version first).

As far as this "unearthed patent", I hope we do get to see it, regardless of a future PSP2 having dual analog. As it stands, the current PSP's stick doesn't even feel like true analog, and I wouldn't expect the next generation's to be any better. The current one seems to be a 16-direction (if even that many) stick with barely 2 levels of sensitivity (basically "walk" and "run") the first being so difficult to hit due to such a small range on the stick that they may as well have just left it out.

Then again, maybe it's just bad programming on the games which make the existing stick suck so badly, in which case the controller mod won't make a difference.

I'll say this much, I would love to have this for when GoW:CoO comes out, otherwise, I can't see evading being very easy.