Psychedelic Steve Jobs Made of Old Apple Ads

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If I hadn't written this article—published on Brazilian magazine ALFA—I would have read it just for the amazingly trippy illustration by Chavis Tsevis, whose famous mosaic portraits we have published before. It's trippy pretty.

ALFA is a Brazilian men magazine published by Editora Abril. They asked me for a Steve Jobs portrait slightly different from my previous ones. They wanted the psychedelic, the hippie, the younger Steve. Their article is talking about the his trips in India and in LSD as well as the first days of Apple. I decided to take a collage approach to the illustration using very old and probably kitsch Apple II advertisments from the late 70s and early 80s. I have based my whole portrait on the historic photo of Steve with the Apple but of course I wanted to put more color and more dynamics to it.


The article is good because I wrote it under the influence too—not LSD, just Brazilian cachaça mixed with sugar and fresh lime juice, which is even better. Actually, any article would look good next to this artwork. [Flickr via ALFA]