Steve Jobs Apple Collage Looks Impressive

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We're not sure how many hours it took to assemble this collage of Steve Jobs made solely out of Apple products, but we're pretty sure the process was done on a Mac. Even though Apple hasn't really had a diverse lineup of "stuff" to use, it's enough to make this picture look 95% like Jobs. The other 5%, according to a few Giz editors, makes him look either a bit like Dick Cheney or a bit like Hitler. Tough to say. Click for big pic. [eToday via Swiss Miss via Tech Digest - Flickr Credit. Copyright Charis Tsevis and the original photographer]

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Since Apple is the leading manufacturer of the coolest and most innovative gadgets out there why would the heavy apple news surprise you.

Surprise me? Oh, heck no — I have been an obnoxious commenter at Giz for too long to be surprised about anything around here. I actually enjoy it, even though the only Apple computer I own is an old MacBook G4. And I do believe Apple is the best technology design and marketing company out there. Kudos to them and Mr. Jobs.

That said, it would be nice if Steve would spend a few of his billions on helping the world, like Mr. Gates has done. Maybe in a few years. Who knows.