Public Google+ Posts Have Fallen 41 Percent. What Does That Mean?

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Either Google+ is the North Korea of social media, or things aren't going quite as well as we'd hoped. Public posting on The Hermit Network has fallen 41 percent per user from August to September, from 0.68 to 0.40.

Yes, yes, the point of the network is that posts don't have to be public. But we also knew that going in, and clearly a 41 percent drop in anything over a given month is significant.

It could be more folks are finally catching on to the benefits of non-public posting. Or that the casual, hey-what's-this-thing-that's-not-Facebook users are falling away and taking a disproportionately high percent of public posts with them. Or yes, it could also just mean there's a more linear user exodus going on.


Without numbers for private posting, we can't be sure, but something's clearly going on here. What have you guys noticed in your Circles? [TechCrunch]

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Isn't it still considered in Beta? Anyway, I think this whole thing (FB and G+) is a fad like Disco. There is a reason that FB hasn't gone public. I'm sure if you are young and use FB all day long, me saying its just a fad seems impossible. Techcrunch or some other site said that they were on track for $500 million in net income for all of 2011. That's nothing. I have companies in my commercial portfolio in NC that make that and more and no one has any idea who they are outside of my little city. If FB were indeed able to reach $500 million in net income, they would only be worth $2.5 billion in the private market. That seems reasonable to me. Typically, companies that are private and not hyped to dumb investors are worth 5x EBIDA.