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Pulse Brings Its Pretty RSS Tiles to Windows Phone

Illustration for article titled Pulse Brings Its Pretty RSS Tiles to Windows Phone

Pulse, the slick and pretty RSS reader-ish app on iPhone, Android and iPad, is now available for the equally slick and pretty Windows Phone. If you're not familiar, Pulse takes a bunch of news sources and transforms them into a pretty gorgeous collection of tiles. Reading doesn't have to be a snoozefest, you know.


All of the stories are laid out in a grid—it's all side scrolling, swipey fun. Scroll up and down to peek at different feeds, scroll left and right to scan different stories, tap on the tile to read the full story and share the story to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Pulse on Windows Phone also takes advantage of WP7's live tiles so users can follow news outside of the app too. It's RSS re-imagined, or a window to read through or something like that.

It's probably best to use Pulse to comb through a limited number of feeds (it maxes out at 20 anyway) because the interface is so graphics heavy. But! If you're looking to keep track of your favorite websites' RSS feeds (like, um, Gizmodo maybe) Pulse is as pretty an app as they come by. It'll be released to Windows Phone this week. [Pulse]

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Has anyone heard officially when Nokia plans on releasing a wp7 handset? (Anything more definitive than Q4 2011 please) I'm seriously considering making the switch from Android to Wp7 instead of the iPhone. I've been using Launcher7 on android for almost six months now and I don't plan on ever going back while I have android.