Purported iPhone 5S Guide Shows Home Button With "Touch ID Sensor"

Illustration for article titled Purported iPhone 5S Guide Shows Home Button With "Touch ID Sensor"

According to Cult of Mac, Nowhereelse.fr has purportedly managed to get possession of "the official illustrated guide to the iPhone 5S," and lo and behold, it seems like we might be seeing that fancy new home button later today in the form of a "Touch ID" sensor.


Now, while there's no real way to tell whether or not this guide actually came from Apple, Touch ID is a very Apple-sounding name. This would also seem to confirm the rumored silver rim around what will undoubtedly be some sort of fingerprint identification tech, and if so, that will pretty much be the only external thing separating the 5S from the previous gen.

We also get a look at what the stock background of the 5S could be, and just like everything else in iOS 7, it's stripped down, clean, and likely meant to match the color of the phone itself—meaning we might even get to see a champagne (?) background. [Nowhereelse.fr via Cult of Mac]


Sweet. Now the NSA will not only know where you are, but they will also know exactly who is using the phone. And if you didn't have fingerprints in their records before, you will now!!! :)