Putin Pays Trump a Visit on SNL to Talk Hacking

 Screenshot: SNL
Screenshot: SNL

It’s Sunday morning and Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about last night’s SNL mockery of him yet. Could it be that he doesn’t want to draw attention to a certain subject?

Last night’s edition of Alec Baldwin trying his hardest to make Trump more absurd than he actually is featured a visit from a shirtless Vladimir Putin. It’s Christmas time so, of course, the Russian President arrives through the chimney. Ya know, because he’s Santa Claus. A Santa Claus who gifts you the Presidency of the United States.

It always takes a little while for the overall caricature of a president to fully form. Ford was bumbling and clumsy, Clinton was slick willy the horny salesman and Bush was a total moron. For a while, it looked like Trump was going to be the crass racist who sexually harrases everyone around him. But if things keep going like this, the President-elect is destined to be the man who stole an election with the help of some hackers.


Putin brought Trump an Elf on the Shelf for Christmas, a handy way to keep an eye on his Manchurian candidate. Trump apologizes that he didn’t get Putin anything, to which he replies, “please Mr. Trump, you are the gift.” As for America, we get coal this year.


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We’ve literally elected a toddler as our president.

“I never liked that stupid drone anyway. I got way better drones than that. Hey, you know what I did? I rubbed my butt on that drone. Now it’s yours. Enjoy your smelly butt drone, China.”