QOTD: How Many Times Has Your Xbox 360 Gone Down With a RRoD?

Earlier this month we learned that a California man has decided to sue Microsoft over RRoD issues claiming that the company knew around 50% of the consoles shipped were defective (some claim the figure could be as high as 68 percent.) As you know, Microsoft extended their warranty plan at great expense to help cover their ass, but having to send back consoles repeatedly wears real thin, real fast. So, I am curious to know: how many times have you danced with the RRoD?

Results from "Which Missing iPhone Feature Would You Like to See Most?" Picture messaging 19% iChat 4% Landscape mode For email 5% Ability to use the iPhone 3G with other service providers (not just AT&T) 8% Downloadable ringtones <1% User-replacable battery 3% More storage 2% Search function with contacts <1% Ability to edit documents 2% Flash/Java 20% Cut and paste 20% GPS turn-by-turn directions 11% Video recording 6%


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