Qualcomm Ebook Display Ups the Ante with Full Color and Video

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Qualcomm has developed a 5.7-inch (1,024x768) display for ebook readers that not only renders color and video; it does so with enough power efficiency to challenge a black and white, still-frame Kindle.


The "mirasol" technology mimics iridescent butterfly wings by deploying charged, color-inducing membranes over a layer of mirror. It's a technology that, if integrated into Kindles today as-is, would increase battery life by an estimated 20%.

Instead, Qualcomm uses that extra power efficiency to drive color and higher refresh rates for smooth video. They contend that a Kindle with their more media-capable display could run about a day with its current battery.

The catch? The lead photo is a non-functional prototype (housing a functional, frozen-image display). Qualcomm is offering the tech to third party partners, and they expect you to see mirasol tech on the market by late 2010. [SlashGear]


Mirasol displays only use power when a pixel changes states. As long as it is at rest (displaying the same color), the pixel uses zero power.

That's why the battery life of devices which incorporate Mirasol displays would be improved.

Obviously, video sucks more power than static text or pictures, because more pixels are changing.

But if you are reading a page of text or looking at a static picture, the display is using zero power until you flip to the next page. Even then, only the pixels that change will use any power.