Question of the Day: Do You Use Expensive Cable or Generic Cable?

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The debate between expensive cable and generic cable has raged on for ages now, with the manufacturers of high-end products receiving quite a bashing for their high prices. So, even with all of the negative press about expensive cable being a waste of money, we have to ask: Do you use expensive cable or generic cable?


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Broken Machine

I've had problems with monoprice cabling, so I tend to stay away. I had a 3 foot HDMI cable that would not stay into a vertical connector in my TV because it was so loose (hot glue time!) and some issues with ghosting on long DVI and VGA cables. I currently have the HDMI cable that came with my friend's Xbox 360 connecting my HD-DVD, nothing else I have (currently) is HDMI.

For Component cables, I am rather lucky, as I used to do side work for an electrician I knew who constantly got wiring requests, So I have the full Canare toolset and make Beldin/Canare (like Blue Jeans cable) cabling for all component/digital coaxial audio/subwoofer/analog audio. It costs about $3 per RCA connector, less than $1 a foot for cable for broadcast quality.

I don't spend any real money on cables, but shielding and connector quality makes a difference. I hear the lack of a hum in my sub, and I'm happy. Don't kid yourself by thinking that the cheapest is always as good as a higher priced cable.