Question of the Day: Will You Finally Go Blu-ray this Holiday?

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Studios are pimping out Blu-ray titles heavily this holiday, and it may be the first time that we see a significant amount of players hovering around the $200 mark. Still, just because the technology is more affordable doesn't mean everyone will be ready to get on board. The economy still sucks and there are many people out there who think Blu-ray won't have a long tenure as the top format. So, my question to you is: will you finally go Blu-ray this holiday?

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I've got a PS3, I love it, I love blu-ray, but Blu-rays are too fucking expensive. I would love nothing more than to start replacing my DVDs with the blue ray equivalents, or buying all my future movies on blue ray, but they're too expensive. I'm not going to pay nearly forty dollars for a single movie, that's TOO much.

Plus, I've already spent a lot of money on my DVDs, I have hundreds, and if I wanted to replace them with blu-rays, it would cost thousands.

DVDs are affordable, and I'm not moving to blu-ray until they're just as affordable.