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Because of a bad experience with a spoon, a light socket, and a wet cat, we try to stay away from electricity. Thankfully, Eubiq (Singapore) has come up with a new way to keep us safe. It's a power transmission track which, as the name suggests, is literally a track supplying power anywhere you want. Eubiq says that it can even be used in the kitchen where water is prone to splash around.Since there are not "sockets" its not possible to get a shock. If you really wanted to push it, try inserting a sharp metallic object into the track, it still won't make your hair stand on end.

Eubiq says that it is possible for them to do it by the GSS system, and it is compatible with most plugs in the market. The track itself is a kind of a long slider on which the plug can fit in at any point. The device comes with special attachments which fits on to the slider and metallic parts are kept to a minimum.
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