When the original QuickPod was released late last year for point-and-shoot cameras, it seemed a little quirky. Now that a new version for digital SLRs has been announced, it still seems a little quirky, but I can't deny that it would prove useful for taking self-portraits. It can also be used as a standard monopod as well as a tool to take pictures when your view is obstructed.


The QuikPod can be connected to any camera using a standard tripod socket. The arm extends from 18 to 53 inches and includes a wide-angle mirror to help you compose your photos. It also includes a rubberized monopod adapter tip, aluminum end cap, wrist strap, hiking clip, belly pad, carry bag and quick release camera mount. So in only a few short days those crappy photos where you stick your arm out to take a picture of you and your extremely short girlfriend will be a thing of the past. Available soon for around $50. [Adorama via Wired]