R.I.P. Dell Adamo XPS, You Died Too Young (Update: Or Not?)

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We thought the Dell Adamo XPS to be a truly beautiful creation, an innovative challenger that one-upped the MacBook Air. It had potential. Updated: Wait! The Adamo XPS lives after all?


We're truly sad to hear of its passing.

The Adamo XPS, a super portable spinoff from the original, hefty Adamo, was the most design-aggressive member of the Dell product family. It was a statement of what the company could do when it focused on form. And more importantly, it was different from anything else, not only that Dell produced, but that ANYONE produced. The Adamo XPS was unique. And uniqueness is a rare commodity in an industry that's divided between Macbook clones and plastic PCs with so little grey in between.

We're heartbroken to say farewell to the Adamo XPS and we hope that a new generation will be revealed at some point in the future. In the meantime:

Rest in Peace
Dell Adamo XPS 2009-2010

Update: We've just thrown off our funeral garb and stopped crying because we've received the following note from a Dell representative:

I am happy to confirm that the reports of the demise of the Adamo XPS are greatly exaggerated.

The Dell Adamo XPS is still available in the U.S. in retail, for example at select Best Buy Stores and on bestbuy.com, starting at $1,999.00. The Adamo XPS is an engineering marvel and a decisive proof point to Dell's design and engineer capabilities. It's unique design inspires people to touch it, and availability in a retail environment allows them to do just that. That said, it's also something of a limited edition product, and most of the supply has been accounted for. The original Adamo is still available on adamobydell.com with a starting price point of $999, and we recently updated the specs for a new and improved $1,799 configuration as well.



I think the Dell Adamo would have been an amazing laptop... at $799.

At $1799 it was basically vaporware.