Radio Shack Officially Becoming "The Shack", Celebrating With Two 17-Foot Laptops

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Rumors that Radio Shack was going to rebrand themselves as "The Shack" appear to be true. In fact, the switchover is officially slated to begin tomorrow.

To celebrate the event, as rumored in Remainders a few days ago, The Shack is holding a "Shack Summer Netogether" from August 6th-8th involving two 17-foot laptops placed in Times Square in NYC and Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Equipped with webcams, the two gigantic screens will stream live video and audio to each other from 3000 miles apart.


Will dropping the archaic "Radio" from their title help to boost a sinking franchise? We shall see—although it doesn't seem like Radio Shack has a prayer of becoming hip. It's kind of like your grandfather getting an earring or something. Check out The Shack Facebook page for some promotional vids. [The Shack / Thanks Joe!]