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Range Rover 2010's 12-inch Dual View Touchscreen Satisfies Two People at Once

Illustration for article titled Range Rover 2010s 12-inch Dual View Touchscreen Satisfies Two People at Once

The 510 HP 2010 Range Rover will have a dual view touchscreen, meaning the driver and passenger sees two different images based on their respective angles.


This seems like one of the first (if not the first) production vehicles to incorporate dual view, and allows the driver to use the GPS while the front passenger checks out a movie. Keep in mind that the acceleration from a 510HP vehicle probably doesn't mix too well with movie watching, so that passenger better have a good resistance to motion sickness or there's gonna be some lunch rovering, if you know what I mean. [Engadget]

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Sweet, I was about to say to watch two movies or different shows at once but then I thought about the sound. I guess it's not as sweet as I originally thought. It's great for the car though, the driver shouldn't be watching a movie anyways.