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John Battelle hates his Motorola-made Comcast DVR. He compares it to his TiVo Series 1 and 2 (which I don't have personal experience with, but I have used Media Center extensively) and says it stinks. My own experience with the Comcast DVR? Not so bad.

Battelle has some valid points: fast forward and rewind are so sluggish that they're unusable and a UI that's not nearly up to par with either TiVo or Media Center. What ultimately set him off was all his programs getting wiped out after a power outage. The rants of an angry man who wants his Grey's Anatomy after the jump.

f*cking Comcast HD DVR *does not have a hard drive.* That's right, when the power goes out, the f*cking box loses ALL OF THE SAVED PROGRAMS!!!! Are you KIDDING ME? The damn thing uses RAM instead of a hard drive!?


That shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the DVR works (he knows that it uses a hard drive now), and data loss something that can happen on both TiVos and Media Centers in the event of a hard drive corruption. In fact, Sex and the City famously had an episode where the redhead's saved TiVo programs got wiped out (oh yes, I watched).

Those cheap bastards. Those unholy blasphemers! It took me about ten times as long as Tivo to use their crappy search to figure out how to program the damn thing to record my favorite shows, and in one five-minute power outage, I lost every single episode of Battlestar Galatica!

Cheap, yes. The thing's only a few bucks on top of your regular cable bill. But finding out how to program the thing? That took all of 10 seconds. If you're looking for a cheap-o HD DVR, Comcast's offering isn't so bad. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune once I lose all my shows.


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