Ratings Scam Gets Almost 1% of App Store Pulled

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Molinker, creator of over a thousand iPhone apps, has been banned for juking the ratings system.

The report from iphoneography says many of the company's products had over 50 five-star reviews, mostly written in the same syntactically shaky style by reviewers who only wrote about about apps from Molinker. One customer complaint to Phil Schiller later, and all of Molinker's 1,011 apps are now gone from the App Store.

As far as scams go, this one seems pretty poorly thought out, although it does make clear that savvier developers should have no problem giving themselves an illicit ratings boost. [iphoneography via AppAdvice]

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There's a jewelry company in Montreal that sells a lot of their items in Overstock.com, and one thing they like to do is have a few people log an extra hour or two to write phony positive reviews to boost the image of the things they sell. Of course, these reviews are generally written better and don't seem to have any specific pattern, so are not suspicious at first glance. I imagine a lot of people do these sorts of things and we don't know about it.