Raw AP Video: New York City Flooding Has Already Begun

Old sea walls, water-filled dams and other man-made obstacles to Hurricane Irene's wrath have failed along the East River, and parts of the city are now flooded. Do not do as the reporters do in this footage. Stay inside! [AP]



So they have evacuated all of New York city, and everyone has really left?

I mean, I would probably stay, stock up on supplies and ride it out.

I mean, it can't be THAT bad if you're living a few stories up a building, surrounded by other buildings.

Then again, here in Sweden we don't have hurricanes, sure I've experienced floodings and harsh weather, but never a Hurricane, but how bad can it be?

Also it would have been very interesting to see when all those who live in the city evacuate, since there are roughly the same amount of people in New York city as we have in our entire country (Sweden). The traffic must have been a proper bitch, more than it already is in New York.