Razer 3G Laser Sensor Mouse Has a 4000 DPI Sensor

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The 4000 DPI resolution and 100 inches per second tracking speed of this Razer 3G Laser Sensor will probably give you as much of an advantage in BioShock as you're going to get, short of injecting yourself with a "Not-Suck-At-FPS" Plasmid. At 4000DPI, the imaging is so good you could hold it up to your chest and it'll tell you if you have emphysema. Besides these features, it's also got 32kb of onboard memory, 1000Hz Ultrapolling, 1ms response, an "Always-On" mode, a gold-plated USB connector, but doesn't have interchangeable weights like the Microsoft Sidewinder we saw yesterday did. Launches in October in Phantom White and Banshee Blue for $79. [Bringer of Silent Death via Yahoo]


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who would need such a crazy amount of DPI?!?!?!?

i had the original 2000 dpi Boomslang, and the extra "speed" just made it harder to aim in fast twitch games like UT...i moved to an 800 dpi mx510, and a bigass Corepad magna pad...and it has been worlds better...low sensitivity FTW!