Razer Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard: Zune Dock

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Our tip box this morning taunted us with tantalizing shots of the Razer Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard that allegedly docks with the Microsoft Zune media player. Sketchy information so far tells us the keyboard will be released in November of this year, and there will also be models of this well-appointed input device that are compatible with the iPod.

Calling it "the world's most intelligent keyboard," Razer claims it will have 32kB of memory onboard, plenty of programmable hot keys, line-out for audio peripherals and a couple of USB ports as well. Pricing wasn't announced yet. Hey, get me one of these, pronto!

Product Page [Razer Pro Solutions]

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This is a horrible idea. In much the same way as other combo devices (TV/VCR, TV/DVD, DVD/VCR) are bad ideas in that, if one goes bad, the whole thing is worthless, this too is just stupid.

What happens if you damage a contact on the dock? Your keyboard is now not only ugly, but also needlessly huge.

What happens if the next generation of Zune players doesn't fit this dock, or you decide to switch to an iPod or some other brand of DAP? Again, you're stuck with a worthless dock strapped to your ugly keyboard.

What happens if the keyboard is damaged (perhaps due to a liquid spill or something)? You're pretty much stuck with buying another one of these hideous things, or buying both a new keyboard and a new dock as well. Brilliant from a business perspective, stupid as hell from a user standpoint.

Besides, I *like* that fact that the iPod dock is small and portable. I can stick it in my pocket with a length of cable, and now I can run line-level audio from my iPod to just about any source with an input. Good luck doing that with this monster.