Razer Switchblade Pocket Gaming PC: Flip-Open, Customizable Keyboard

The Razer Switchblade is a hybrid between the Nintendo DS and the Optimus keyboard in that it adds a keyboard full of customizable screens for open-platform, hardcore PC gaming in a small tablet size. It plays Warcraft on the go.


What makes the Switchblade (which is presently a working concept) different from the rest of mobile gaming platforms is the keyboard. You can touch the screen like a DS or iPad, but you can also eliminate the HUD from World of Warcraft by assigning the in-game icons to each individual key.

The 7-inch display looks good, and runs Intel Atom, like a smaller netbook.

By default, the "keyboard of screens" displays a good-sized qwerty keyboard—not chiclet keys like a BlackBerry. On display were World of Warcraft Cataclysm and Warcraft 3, both shown using custom graphics and icons to replace the letters on the keys. Any button can be relocated to any other button. You can also make your own custom images.


I was impressed by how portable and easy to use the device was even with the smaller size and customized keyboard, and it seems like a pretty good open-source solution to getting PC games onto mobile devices.

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