As Marvel's most wantonly destructive character, there's only one feature kids are really looking for when they ask their parents for a Hulk toy. It has to smash stuff, and it has to smash stuff repeatedly until they get tired of smashing stuff. It's a simple list of demands, and JAKKS Pacific has met every one of them with its new, and aptly-named, RC Hulk Smash.

With a remote control military Hummer crushed between his thighs, kids can steer this tiny version of Hulk around the house, performing stunts like wheelies, flips, and spins. But the real appeal of this $70 toy are Hulk's gigantic arms and fists that can be slammed down to smash stuff, and even flip the Hulk should he find himself overturned. There's sound effects and authentic Hulk phrases too, but "HULK SMASH!" is probably the extent of the wisdom he'll share with kids. [JAKKS Pacific]

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