Read a surprisingly heartwarming "Thor" parody, starring the Muppets

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Who is worthy to wield the hammer of Thor? Well, Kermit the Frog for one. And what he does with Thor's power might just leave you with a tear in your eye.

Caanan Grall, creator of the vibrant (and terribly funny) webcomic Max Overacts and Zuda's fantastical body-swapping comic Celadore, participated in this year's Comikaze 24-hour comic challenge with a Jim Henson-inspired parody of the current Thor movie.

Muppets are apparently in the pop cultural ether with their upcoming movie; just a few weeks ago, we saw the Muppets cast as the crew of Firefly's Serenity, and now they've wandered into the Thor flick.


But Grall doesn't just recast Thor with Muppets; he imagines how Miss Piggy might react to a naked Norse god invading her bus (hint: not well), and what Kermit might do when given divine powers. While the rest of the cast are cracking jokes and breaking the fourth wall, Kermit takes us to a tender place, making for an odd and bittersweet comic.


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