Read Exactly What Was Carried Inside SpaceX's History-Making Journey

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We made a lot of hoopla over the recent SpaceX launch—and for good reason. A private company has done for the first time what previously took the efforts of enormous governments. It put cargo in space! But what exactly?

Advertisement says a total of 1,455 pounds of stuff was hauled up to the International Space Station—primarily grub for those hungry astronauts. We haven't found a way to replace them with androids—and besides, we have reason to believe that won't end well—so food will continue to be a huge (and hugely expensive) portion of space freight. So, SpaceX took up 674 pounds of food, providing 117 "standard meals" and 45 "low sodium" meals. The rest? Sophisticated sounding stuff like a "NanoRacks Module 9" and JAXA Multiplexer. Read the full cargo manifest below. [NASA via Tested]

Main Spacex Manifest 042012


George Hendricksen

Well done SpaceX! Wel done! But...

Can someone please explain why SpaceX is more private than Rockwell (who built our Space Shuttle) or Grumman (who built our Lunar Lem...) or Boeing (Who built the Saturn 5)??? Why is SpaceX more private than any other aerospace company contracted by NASA to build space hardware. Without the NASA funded Space Station and a big fat NASA contract to service the Space Station... Would SpaceX exist? Private industry does not run out an build rockets for fun. They build rockets to fill a CONTRACT. And guess where most of those contracts come from? Your TAX dollars.

Yes... The time of "private" aerospace contractors has come. Just like it did in 1962 when PRIVATE aerospace contractors built all of the hardware that took man to the moon.