Reader Review: Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones (Verdict: I Paid $100 For This?)

Reader Todd purchased the Bose TriPort earphones and wanted to let everyone else know not to make the same mistake he did. Todd writes:

Nice physical design. They do sit in your ear very nicely. Feels like they could sit there for hours. The headphone plug seems solid and that it would last a while (this is often a breaking point for the cable). That's just about where the goodness ends.

Unfortunately they fail where it matters most: sound. They sit just in your ear, rather than making a tight seal like noise isolation phones do. Not only does a seal block outside noise, but it also allows for better low frequency response. The low end sounds muddy (though surprisingly loud considering the lack of seal), and the high end sounds even worse. Comparing these with my Sony MDR-EX81LP headphones (which are a third of the price), made it ridiculously obvious. The Sony's sound nice and crisp with punchy bass, while the Bose sound like half-assed at best.

Luckily they have a 30-day money back guarantee

Harsh, Todd. Has anyone else tried these?

Product Page [Bose]


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