Real Life Donkey Kong Playing With His Nintendo DS

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Donkey Kong plays Donkey Kong while Donkey Kong Jr. watches. OK, maybe he's not playing DK, but it's just as good. The story involves a kid, a couple of real gorillas at the San Francisco Zoo and a happy ending.

On August 6, amateur photographer Chris Spicuzza was spending her day at the San Francisco Zoo, taking photos of the gorillas. While she was there, a kid accidentally dropped his Nintendo DSi XL into their habitat. Curiously, one of the big gorillas grabbed it, and started to play with it. A baby gorilla saw it from the distance and, naturally, he came by, wanting to play with it too.

Click to viewFinally, the sightly battered console was rescued by a zoo employee, probably sporting a big mustache, a red cap and red overalls. [Spicuzza]

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Don't mess with the King of Kong