Real Manly Men Have Furniture Made Out of Manly Man Tools

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Designed by Yanik Balzer and Max Qwerty, these furniture pieces made from manly tools are perfect for the outdoorsman, lumberjack, 5-o'clock shadow at noon, tree chopper, dirt shoveler, builder with his hands, brouha type of man.

Or also...people who pretend to be manly. Like me, who finds the design to be actually pretty clever. I'm not sure if any wives or girlfriends would approve of them in the house but they'd be perfect for the man cave (and who NEEDS permission from the lady anyway!). The pieces aren't for sale, which is too bad, because I know a few people with furniture in desperate need for some testosterone boosting (aka me). []


Axe bookshelf, my personal favorite.


Shovel lights.