Recreating a 17th Century Painting in Photoshop Is Basically Magic

Using stock images and Johannes Vermeer’s 1664 painting The Concert as a base, photographer Erik Almas admirably recreated the lost masterpiece in Photoshop. Heck, it might be able to fool you into thinking it were the real thing... if you were standing and squinting from very far away. Still. It’s pretty neat to see Almas’ workflow and how creative he gets in trying to mimic the original.

Vermeer’s The Concert is famous for being the most valuable unrecovered stolen painting in history (it’s worth a mere $200 million), Almas copied the work art with 240 different stock images, 898 layers, and 3 weeks of expert photoshopping to bring it to life again.


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While I don’t take anything away from the guy’s mastery, this needs to be slowed down quite a bit to be worth watching. You really can barely make out anything he’s doing even if you are adept at photoshop, just constant flashing and then the finished product, there’s little opportunity to see his technique or process or really notice the incremental changes and appreciate how he arrived there.