'Red Mars' TV Series Now On Hold After Showrunner Suddenly Departs

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Soon after finding a director in Emmy winner and Children of Dune helmer Greg Yaitanes, Spike TV’s much-anticipated adaptation of Kim Stanley Robinson’s classic Mars Trilogy has lost its executive producer and showrunner, Peter Noah. That doesn’t mean Red Mars is kaput, but it does mean a major delay.


As Deadline reports, Spike TV is trying to remain optimistic.

“We will continue to develop Red Mars with Skydance,” a spokesman for Spike TV said in a statement to Deadline. “The Red Mars trilogy is one of the most beloved, modern science fiction properties, in part because of its tremendous scope and ambition. We are pausing to ensure we get the script right and to deliver fans what they want– a fantastic show that fully captures the spirit of these wonderful books.”

Noah left due to “creative differences” with the network, according to Deadline. Red Mars was slated for a January 2017 debut, but will likely be pushed back until a replacement can be hired. Among its other scripted offerings, Spike TV is still planning a pilot for what it hopes will lead to a series based on Stephen King’s horror novella The Mist.



While I enjoyed the science in the book, the characters and the drama felt a little flat to me. Now, I’ve no doubt a competent team can correct this for a TV series, but basing a series on the book leaves me a little meh on the whole thing.