Reddit's First Video AMA With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Just Another Celebrity Q&A

A new, post-Ellen Reddit is here, and it’s a different kind of beast, with high-quality video AMAs with big-name celebrities. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the first, and although it’s a very good video, it also feels a little bit weird.

Nothing about this video is Reddit. It opens with a Tyson monologue over black-and-white images and lingering shots of graffiti. The rest of the questions are exactly the sort of mostly-fluff that pads out the standard 10-minute YouTube interview. It’s interesting because Neil deGrasse Tyson is an interesting person; the video being made by Reddit contributes an elevated viewcount, and little else.


I’m not really sure what a Reddit video AMA series should look like, but the in-jokes and the brutally honest questions that make AMAs more than just another celebrity Q&A are sorely missing.


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