Reddit's New App Lets You Read AMAs on Your iPhone (Update: Android Too)

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Reddit's AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are the one of the best things about the network. But let's face it: Reddit isn't the world's prettiest website. The learning curve is fairly steep. Clearly, Reddit thinks so too, because it has now released a rather good-looking app to read and participate in AMAs.

The AMA app, available on iOS only to begin with, lets you filter out any questions that weren't replied to by the person who started the AMA (more often than not a celebrity). So you can read the whole thing as a straightforward Q & A. You can also participate in the AMA directly from the app by asking questions and check out trending AMAs at a glance.

"We want to make it easier for new users to join Reddit and experience all the awesome content," senior VP Ellen Pao told Variety. "That's part of the overall goal of becoming a more mature company."


The app will be available for Android later this week. [Variety via The Verge]

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Oh it's just an AMA app? I'll stick with Alien Blue