Redesigning the MSD of Star Trek's USS Voyager

Star Trek Online's upcoming expansion firmly puts the focus on Star Trek: Voyager. Alongside returning to the Delta Quadrant, the Art team have had to tweak the ship's LCARS cutaway schematics to better suit their needs - giving us our best ever look at the inner workings of the Federation's finest Intrepid-Class ship.

The MSD, or Master Systems Display, was a key bit of UI across the Star Trek franchise and Federation ships in general, a cutaway schematic usually used to display the operational status of the entire ship in a single image. For Star Trek Online, which is set 32 years after Voyager returns to Earth, the art team realised that the original MSD artwork created by Doug Drexler and Mike Okuda for the TV series wasn't accurate enough to represent the ship as it was now, necessitating a complete redesign of the ship's schematic to better reflect Voyager's shape and design, as well as to better reflect the size and look of the various parts of the ships shown on screen.


In fact, Voyager's original MSD never got upgraded during the show's 7-season run, so it quickly became inaccurate at the show added varies bits and parts to the set - a larger shuttlebay to accommodate the Delta Flyer, Kes' converted Airponics bay to grow food, Seven of Nine's adapted Borg Alcove or the Astrometrics department she worked in during later seasons - so whilst this new design might have been made to represent Voyager as she is in 2410, it's also our best ever look at the ship's layout as she appeared on TV back in the late 90's.

You can read more about the process of updating the MSD from game designer Tim Davies, as well as download a wallpaper of the complete MSD over at Star Trek Online's website. Star Trek Online: Delta Rising is due for release October 14th.

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