Reebok Announced Two New Alien-Themed Sneakers Which Are Totally For Everyone This Time

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In 2016, Reebok released a pair of sneakers themed around the movie Aliens. The idea was universally praised... until those sneakers were released and appeared to only be in men’s sizes. Men’s sizes for a shoe worn in the movie by a woman. Well, it’s 2017 and this year, Reebok is release TWO new pairs of Alien-themed sneakers. But this time, the sizing is unisex.

The shoes in question are called the Alien Stomper “Final Battle” Pack. A pack consists of two pairs of shoes, one that looks like a Queen Alien, the other a yellow Power Loader, just the climatic battle of James Cameron’s 1986 sequel. They’ll be very limited and go on sale July 18. And the write up on the official Reebok site says:

The climactic clash from Aliens has inspired this highly collectible double-pack of Alien Stompers, launching on July 18th in unisex sizing.


Unisex sizing! So maybe the shoes designed to look like a queen and a woman can actually be worn by women this time!

Here are a few more images of the shoes and the box they come in, as well as a video created about the shoes.


Good job, Reebok. Way to learn from your mistakes.