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Roll that spliff phatly, pack some fresh ice into the binger, and set the Volcano to "toastify." It's time for tonight's Stoner Channel. We've collected our best high-times material for the discerning pothead so sit back, relax, and pass that shit on the left, yo.


Tonight's shot of Lemon Haze comes to us from reader zeroNetsix

Click here for more hits from the bong.

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Whaddya Mean Spice Doesn't Let me Transcend Time and Space?

Spice is the "legal" weed alternative du jour—sorry Salvia, things just didn't work out—but what exactly is synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic Marijuana, more commonly known as K2 or Spice, is a psychoactive designer drug created to mimic the effects of weed when smoked but to affect the body in a different way than THC, thus making it semi-legal.

According to manufacturers, the product is made from mixing multiple natural herbs to achieve the desired effect. However, when a German lab anaylzed a sample in 2008, it detected large amounts of synthetic tocopherol but not many of the plants listed on the label. And in actuality, many of the chemicals used in Spice were created in a Clemson University lab in the mid-1990s.


Spice is has been sold since the early 2000's in the US as well as in Europe and Australia, however its legal status is quickly failing. As of March, 2011, several "strains" of Spice have been outlawed in the US and several others have been scheduled for review. The chemical HU-211, for example, has been classified as a schedule-1 drug, that's a felony for possessing any amount. It's been banned by the Armed Forces and drug tests have already been devised to recognize it.

All this kerfuffle is on account of "...a surge in emergency-room visits and calls to poison-control centers" among Spice users, according to the DEA. Their symptoms included "seizures, hallucinations, paranoid behavior, agitation, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, racing heartbeat, and elevated blood pressure." So yes, a bit more than the conventional munchies and bouts of giggling.


"I want to stress that these compounds were not meant for human consumption," John W. Huffman, a research professor in organic chemistry at Clemson University, wrote an in e-mail to the Daily Press. "Their effects in humans have not been studied, and they could very well have toxic effects. They absolutely should not be used as recreational drugs." [Spice Wiki - Daily Press - The Augusta Chronicle - Image: Diane Mathews, Daily Press]

He's Not Dead, He's Resting

This could be the single funniest sketch of all time. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Chain Surfing Dog

This video comes to us from reader Tyler H and begs the question, "is it me or is the guy filming it really high?"

I Almost Died Watching This Crazy Guy Ride His Dirt Bike on a Snowy Mountain Ridge

Wow, it combines my fear of falling off a motorcycle and my fear of falling off a cliff. A win-win!

Ride of the Century

Why yes, that is a man standing backwards on a speeding motorcycle while taking phone pictures [via koohyar.hasani]

Trippy Animation Courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd

If your high ends up like this, congratulations! You've just unwittingly smoked Spice!

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Are You a Green Gardener?

Care to show off your handiwork to the Internets? If so, we want pics of your best buds, your highest-tech setups, and your bushiest bushes. Send images—960x540 minimum but we prefer 1600x900—of your legal stashes (no High Times ripoffs please) to atarantola at and we'll feature the best at the top each night's Stoner Channel. Put "The Stoner Channel" in the subject line while you're at it.


And no, for the last time, we aren't interested in seeing your wicked meth lab setup Jerry. Stop it or we're calling the fuzz.

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