Refurbished Kindle 2 Costs Just $110

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Here's a pretty over the top deal: you can get a refurbished Kindle 2 for only $110. That's about $80 less than a new Kindle, and pretty much one of the cheapest ebook readers you can buy. UPDATED:


The Kindle refurb still qualifies for customer service and Amazon's 30-day return policy, and represents a $30 price cut for the refurbished model. Could it be that they're clearing out inventory in preparation for a new Kindle? Probably. But in the meantime, Kindle 2's probably the best ebook reader out there, and it's suddenly available for less than one of the worst.


UPDATE: Reader Nathan points out that the price is back up to $170. Fun while it lasted! [Amazon via Kindle Review via CrunchGear]

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Platypus Man

Part of me really wants to get this, but I just don't read enough. I tell myself that maybe I'd read more with it, but I don't know if I really would.

I'm planning on getting an Android phone soon, so my current plan is just to get the Kindle app then and if I do read more, possibly transition to a real Kindle.