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Just earlier this week, I noticed a few sites excited over Amazon's offer for a $199 refurbished first generation Kindle. But now, Amazon has dropped the price to $150.

That's half the price of a new Kindle 2 (or $70 less than a refurb Kindle 2), with all of the same core functionality (like Amazon's wireless Whispernet) intact.


So is $150 cheap enough to tempt you? Or is your ebook pricepoint lower, say, $100 or $50 or free with X amount of book purchases? Inquiring minds want to know!

Personally, I'm a big enough tech whore that I'd only buy the latest model of Kindle for that much, partially for the tiny improvements, largely so people ask me, "Is that a new Kindle??" And I say, "Sorry, I don't associate with the type who doesn't know whether or not this is the latest Kindle. Nothing personal. Just a simple code by which I live my life." [Amazon via blog Kindle via mobility site via CrunchGear ]

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